Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

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We hope everyone had a nice Christmas - we sure did. All the kids and grandkids got here by 4:00 Christmas eve and we proceeded to have a good time - eating, drinking and opening gifts. Santa Claus even showed up right after Caleb (3) called him on granpa's old cell phone to see when he was going to get to grandpa house, so was extra special watching their reactions.

Of course we had to plow snow again before they all got here - had another 6" Thursday afternoon and evening - got another inch or two last night. We broke the record for the most snow ever in December early last week and we still have 5 days of December left.

Kari's and Kelly's heading home later that evening as they live just a few miles away, Kristin and Darin's stayed over. Darin, Bee and the boys headed to Bee's mom's in the morning, we headed to church and spent all of Christmas day just laying around watching movies and napping.

Having several the neighbors over for supper Tuesday evening and then get Christmas put away so the MLS pictures can be taken and hopefully some showings start. Have 3 short weeks of work then off to TX and away from the cold and snow.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting the house listed and ready for Christmas Rya and her babies!

Our grandaughter Rya loves her babies - and has lots of them!!

We had new carpet installed a week ago and finally got the house put back together. Realtor wanted us to get that done before the house got "officially" listed. Looks nice - hopefully a selling point! Vicky has been busy getting decorations up and now getting presents wrapped and under the tree. Have a busy week of meetings for work and soon the weekend of Christmas will be upon us. Kids will be here christmas Eve, just hangin out on Christmas Day and then Christmas with Bob's sisters and their familiers on the 26th. Bob's niece Jen is trying to get home from England but according to her facebook entries, she snowed in at the London airport.
As you can see we have lotsa snow - another 4-6" is forecasted for Monday - I think we have enuf! More of our friends are heading south to TX right after the holidays so hopefully the weather cooperates.
Well not much else new - just counting the days till we are back in the warm country.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter in MN Comes Early Caleb's Birthday Party

We continue to CHILL OUT here in MN for another few weeks. And chill is the word as it was 0 here this morning after receiving another 8" of snow Friday and Friday nite. Here it is the 1st week of December and I have had to blow out the yard and driveway twice!
Been staying pretty close to home - cleaning closets, corners, cabinets - sorting, tossing and throwing a lot of stuff we just don't need anymore. Keeping the garbage can filled and another schedule trip to Goodwill this week. As soon as the carpeting is replaced this week the house will be officially listed. Realtor wanted to take some pictures with the new carpeting before putting on MLS. So we will see how it goes over the winter for showings and maybe a sale.
Last Saturday we celebrated Caleb's 3rd birthday. He celebrated with many of his cousins on his moms side of the family - they celebrated monthly birthdays - I think there were 6 or 7 birthdays. Party was in Melrose - kids had lotsa cake and the parents had a wing tasting. We came in 2nd - along with 4 others. Was a good time -got to see a lot of people we don't get to see very often.
Another busy week ahead - getting carpeting finished, meetings in St Paul Wednesday and Thursday and getting house ready for Christmas next weekend.