Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grandchild #4–Owen Allan has arrived

owen allan

Kelly and Blake’s little bundle arrived Saturday eve and 7:32 – all 7# 9oz.  So that makes 4 grand kids – 3 boys  and 1 girl – with another one due in April!  The family keeps growing!

We Celebrated gr-son Caleb’s b-day in St Cloud yesterday during the snow storm – about 8-10” of the white stuff fell.caleb b dayBut that doesn’t stop a four year old from celebrating – they really enjoyed their first day of this season  snow.  Caleb’s mom (dil)made this really “cool” transformer birthday cake.

Was hoping not to have to put new tires on the old chevy until next spring but our little November snow storm changed my plans – so $400 later we had new tires on the car to drive him with last night.  O well it was now or later.

Really bright and cold out today with the new snow and ice is forming on the lake but doubt any of it will last long because temps are forecasted in the 50’ by Thanksgiving Day.

Down to 16 working days at the bank – time is starting to go fast.   We’ve had a lot going on and the next four weeks are just as busy as the last four – won’t be long and we’ll be back in TX.

Take Care.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back at the grind–30 working days till retirement!

Been back in MN for a week now – finishing my last 30 days at the bank.  Flight back to MN was pretty uneventfull – just made for a long day.

Upon our return Vicky had to get things finalized for the resorters fall conference in Grand Rapids (MN) – registrations, meal counts, copies of handouts, etc.  Have some friends that live there so spent Friday evening with them then at the resort with conference the rest of the weekend.  Bob came home Sunday evening and Vicky rode home with a local resorter on Tuesday.  She’s back  at the bank finishing up her last days too.

Plan on checking in with the kids and grandkids in St Cloud this weekend along with visiting Bob’s mom at the nursing home.

So not much else going on this week.

Take Care