Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are still alive–in retirement!!!

Wow it’s been a while and we are getting grief for not keeping this updated to I guess I better get back in the routine of blogging!

Retirement has been great – not sure how we had time to work while we were working. We’ve gotten quite comfortable with it just one problem though and that is keeping track of the day of the month.  Still know what day of the week it is so haven’t lost it all yet.

We had a great winter in TX – did a lot of the regular activities but also got a bit more involved in the community and helping with activities which was fun.  We got back to MN at the end of March – both Vicky and I had a couple of meetings for our part time jobs in the first weeks of April, had baptism for grandson Owen, Kelly and Blake’s first.2012-04-15_11-07-51_149  2012-04-15_13-30-55_439sponsors Auntie Kristin and Jeff.

On April 20th our fifth grandchild Keegan was born.  Darin and Bethany had their 3rd boy.  .2012-05-01_11-10-52_770

This will be a busy family.           2012-04-20_16-53-58_68

Our only grand daughter Rya is growing like a weed and likes spending time with “her” grandma!  Her mom and dad were very busy with school so she has spend some time with us.

We also celebrated Bob’s mothers 84th birthday so we got to see his sisters and many of the nieces and nephews on that side of the family.

We are now holding up in or 5th wheel getting ready for our anniversary and retirement party on June 2nd, putting together pictures, flowers meal plans and etc.  Will be fun to seen everyone.  After that we will be on our summer trek – traveling to Polka fests and visiting family and friends – looking forward to be “On the Road Again”.