Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in MN

We had planned on heading home on the 17th, but with the weather forecast for Tuesday being cool and rainy we decided to head out. So we picked the grapefruit to bring home, finished packing and said goodby to the neighbors till next fall. Got the house closed up and we were on the road by 7:15. Rain most of the day, had a couple traffic slow downs just south of Waco because of an accident. We pulled into Ardmore, OK, about 5:30, checked into the motel, took care of a few work items and emails, got something to eat and hit the bed about 8:30. We were back on the road by 6:45 the next morning. Wednesday was great day for driving and we got home about 7:30.

Kari and Rya were there to greet us - Rya had really grown! Kari hung around for about an hour and then I think she sensed our tired we were and Rya was ready for bed too so she gathered up her grapefruit and onions and heading home. Will be seeing the other grandsons on Sunday when we go to St Cloud for Grants 1st birthday.

Kelly and Blake got the hot tub going Monday evening - that felt so good Thursday morning!!!

So I guess we are back in the work routine for about a week. On the 27th I fly to Florida for work for a week and Vicky will be helping Kelly wrap up wedding plans and her shower and stag party is next Saturday.

Sure is brown and cold here!!

Monday night parties at the Palms II come to an end!

The Congo Line Begins!
The birthday people sporting their birthday attire!! Hey Gary - how much money did you make?

The crew having the Monday nite fun - congo line and all!
Our Monday night routine while in the valley has been gathering at the 'Palms II', a little bar in Mission. It's a group of mostly MN people and few couples from Ohio, and of course a few of the locals who sit back and shake their heads saying 'these old people from the north really get goofy from the sun'!! A group from MN plays, so of course the music is mostly old time and country, the dance floor is about 12 x 12 with a post in the middle and the menu on Mondays is Hamburger or Cheeseburger basket, chicken wings or pizza! We celebrate birthdays, give each other a bad time and just have a lot of fun.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mexico, Block Party

Today was our last visit to Mexico for the season. Barb and Roger had never been there and they decided they wanted us to show them the ropes. They had heard many stories and watching the new yo'd think it would be the last place a person should visit. They were pleasently surprised as to how clean it was, how friendly the people are and how good the food was - beer and margaritas were nice and cool too!!! They made their purchases (so did we - see the neat flamingo) and we had a great lunch at the Red Snapper - we met up with Dennis and Sharon at the bakery earlier and made arrangements to meet for lunch later. And of course they checked out the Red Panty Bar to have thier pic with the Victoria Secret goods!! Was a good time! On the way home we stopped at the Don-Wes market and picked up some TX 1015 sweet onions to bring home.

At 5:00 we headed over to El Valle del Sol and joined our old friends and neighbors from when we lived there for a potluck supper. Was fun seeing everyone - finished up there with good byes as many are heading home within the next week.

We wrapped up the evening at our last dance at Fiesta Village at 7:00 - the usually Wednesday nite crew was there - was fun but we headed home by 9:30 - just ran out of energy from the heat and activities of the day. Did I mention it broke 100 here today!!

Will officially start the pack process and picking grapefruit today - will fill the bags for home and then find a home for the rest.

Another good day.

Bob & Vicky

Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Birthday

Well the big day mostly uneventfull - church, out for breakfast with friends to a new little bakery/resturant in Mission then worked around the house most of the afternoon. Picked up a new fruit picker at the Mission Feed Store - need to reach all the grapefruit from the top of the tree without climbing - getting too old! Did some patch work to the popcorn ceiling in the garage - hoping to get that painted before we leave next week. The biggest accomplishment was to get the sidewalks and driveway pressure washed. This annual job to clean up the black mold is pretty easy - just time consuming. Would like to get the cement stenciled someday and then this job will be much easier. Finished the evening with dinner and cards at the Bromenshenkes - they live here in the park and are originally from St. Cloud. Great supper and Dorothy and I beat Jerry and Vicky every game of 500!
Temps were in the mid 70's and didn't get below 70 overnight - this was a first all winter. Should see 80's all week.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Rainy Friday

Cool and rainy again to do so not doing too much. A good band plays here in the park tonight so about a dozen of us are getting together for that.

Starting to "un-nest" as our departure day will be the 17th. Should be back in MN Friday afternoon and then have a couple days to rest up before being back in the office on the 22nd. Then just a week of work then off to Florida on Saurday for some meetings, will return on Thursday. I'm sure we will get to see our grand daughter Rya Friday when we get home or Saturday then will see the boys in St. Cloud on Sunday for Grant's 1st birthday. We sure are missing them.

Will be picking the grapefruit shortly, deciding how much we want to bring back and then divy out the rest - usually don't have a problem getting rid of it all. We have a huge ruby red tree althought the crop yield last year better, there will still be plenty. Then we need to pick up some Texas 1015 sweet onions to bring back - these are so much better than the ones we get in MN.

Need to get the yard sprayed, trees ferilized, spray for termites and would like to get the ceiling painted in the garage (got the walls done) and then pressure wash the sidewalks and driveway before we head out.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at the Ice House - just a little outdoor bar in Mission that has a band on Thursdays and Fridays westher pemitting, always meet some nice people there. This week was two couples from Winnipeg - they just happen to be in the park next door - we had some good conversations about the U S economy and how it's affecting the canadians also. Hope to run into them again soon.

Lyle and Karen Turbes from Willmar were here Wednesday, had breakfast with them and then they were at the house for mid afternnon lunch along with Myron and Elaine Frank and Collette Illies - was just a quick trip for them and they headed home today and was made shorter yet by two tire blow outs on the way down. I guess it only delayed them by a day but it's quite a story!

Until next time - have a good day.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tour of Rancho El Charco

On Sunday we did the tour of Rancho El Charco, a 150 acre ranch about 10 miles west of Mission at LaJoya .This property was once to be a housing development but was rescued by the current owners, preserving the natural mesquite forests and prickly pear cactus plants. They have brought some of the native animals back to the ranch, offer tours for adults and school children and have to created two areas that can be used for weddings, parties, meetings, etc. It's borded by a 75 acre lake which makes the setting very nice.
There were 28 in our group for the tour and lunch which was served at the resturant/bar area where they have live entertainment outside several days of the week. We had ribs, sausage and peppers, potatoe salad and tossed salad for lunch - very tasty. It was cloudy and very windy all day and continued into the evening so when we got home a nap was in order. We stopped by Bill and Mavis's to see how they have been doing - Bill was relaxing in his chair and Mavis was working on her puzzle - we really enjoy them - especially Bill's teasing Mavis!!

Another good day in the valley!