Friday, July 22, 2011

Thought the heat was gone!!

Boy has it been a hot couple weeks in MN!!!  Broke all records in the heat index category – think western MN had a heat index of nearly 125 about a week ago.  We did get a break for a couple days middle part of this week but today the heat index is on the rise again.  Watch out all you people east of here – we are sending you another round!!

Pretty uneventful week – just work!  Last weekend we celebrated Bob’s sister and her husband 40th wedding anniversary.  Was a great party.  The entire wedding party and the original band that played for their wedding dance – all were there.   Got to see a lot of cousins and people we hadn’t seen in years.

We boondocked in the parking lot of the reception center – sure glad we had the generator – it ran for 13 straight hours keeping the 5er cool.

Bob is going to a farm show in Hutchinson with Darin and the boys tomorrow – Vicky will be hanging out with the girls from the park at New London’s Water Days parade followed by bingo and a street dance.  Will be fun to see the grandsons again – it’s close to a month since we’ve seen them.

Sunday we have a birthday party for our grand daughter Rya – she will be two.   That will be lunch and lounging around with our feed in the pool if it’s warm.  Just a couple miles down the road so it’s close.

Not much else going on.  Got set up with Google+ with some fellow RVer’s – been interesting.  Never did the facebook thing so a whole new concept for me.

Till Later.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pancakes and Storms

After our stormy weekend in Bird Island we returned to our lot in Spicer.  Bob helped with the Lions 4th of July pancake feed on the 4th – mixing pancake batter from 7-11 am for nearly 500 people.  Spicer is known in the area for having a big July 4th celebration – flea market, beach parties, dance, parade, pancake breakfast, etc.

On the 6th we headed over to Ellsworth, WI for our annual venture.  Ellsworth has a big polka fest and city wide garage sale.  Vicky loves this town for the sales and so it’s always a mission to find as much as we can for the grandkids and with another on the way it met more intense shopping.  We found lotsa good clothes for the kids so was a success again.   Of course we meet up with a bunch of MN and TX friends for some good conversation, laughs and of course a few refreshments.  And it can’t be Ellsworth without heat and a few storms.  The heat moved in on Friday and Saturday – keeping the dancing to a minimum and water intake high.  Sunday morning we were awakened by a whaling storm siren at 5:00AM!!  Just got a gust of wind and heavy rain so all was well.   Got back to Spicer in the early afternoon – got set up again and was looking forward to a quiet Sunday evening until the weather radio went off again at 8 pm.  So down to the storm shelter till about 9, again just wind and heavy rain.

Worked 4 days this week.  Vicky took Kari to St Cloud for her follow up after her back surgery.  She is doing very well – no pain and feeling back in her leg and foot.  She will need to be very careful, any further damage and they will fuse her lower back.

This morning the weather radio went off again at 5 – severe thunderstorm.  Just got heavy rain again.  Today we pull over to Benson, Bob’s sister is celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary party Saturday – should be a could time.  Then on Sunday pulling up to Elbow Lake, MN for a winter Texan get together.  S’pose to be a HOT weekend with heat index in the low 100’s all weekend – hope all the AC’s are working!!

Got to share these pics of 2 year old grandson Grant – holding his newest cousin and trying to fix his car that has a dead battery.

grant jakegrant fixin

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well we escaped another one last night – 80 MPH winds and all 50 RV’s are still on their wheels!  Hug storm came thru Bird Island around 4:30 and blew hard for about 40 minutes – lots of  trees down in town, a few lawn chairs and mats missing, one fifth wheel rocked so hard the dishes and glassware fell from the cupboards and broke.  We had a lap tip over and fall behind a chair and a roof vent that got twisted a bit.  But over all we are in good shape.

Power went out but we set up 3 generators – one for the bands and 2 for the bar and kitchen and kept everything going till midnight.  Power was back about five this morning.

Ready for another day – blue skies and sunshine!