Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting Caught up

Where does time go?!!!! These last couple weeks have been busy since we got home. After getting home on the 18th we checked out the camping show in Willmar, Rebel Camper out of Clara City puts on their annual show and since this is where we have purchased our last couple of fifth wheels, we like to see whats new. Saw some in interesting models/floor plans but I guess our Cedar Creek will serve the purpose for now.
On Sunday the 21st, we spent the day in Sauk Rapids celebrating our grandson Grant's 1st birthday (was also grandma Vicky's 60th) so we celebrated them both. This was the first we had seen the boys since January (other than on Skype) so it was fun to see how much they have grown and how they are becoming little boys with vocabularies, and how they notice things such as pappa's car, etc.
The following week we both worked four days, it really wasn't too bad since are both able to work remotely from TX.

On Saturday the 27 I flew to Orlando for a bank software conference and a little bit or R & R. Did a side trip to Epcot on Sunday before conference registration and reception at 3:00. Was somewhat disappointed in the few changes since we were last there in 2002.

Excellent conference - got to see a lot of new things coming out in the bank software arena - evening entertainment with Jeff Foxworth and "Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grade Banker" was great.

While I was in Florida Vicky was busy as well. Kelly's bridal shower and bachelorette party was on the 27th - I hear they all had a pretty good time!! Haven't seen any picures yet - maybe I won't either!! On Monday she headed for Grand Rapids, MN to assist with the Resorters spring conference and board meeting. From there she spent the night with her sister in Wadena and then they went to Fargo for the funeral of their aunt Rose Kingzett. 680 miles later she made it home safe and sound Wednesday evening. I got home Thursday afternoon and we attended Holy Thursday church services. Friday we got wedding haircuts and got groceries in the house for Easter Sunday and food for lunch after Kelly and Blakes wedding dance next Saturday night. Saturday evening we had all three grandkids at the house so the easter bunny hid some eggs for the kids, we had a big dinner, sat around for a while and then most of them had to head our for another meal at their other families. The afternoon and evening we had some much need quiet time after a busy couple weeks - but life is good.

So we are finishing up what we need to do for Kelly and Blakes wedding next Saturday and hopefully we are rested up for a whole new batch of activities and excitement!!

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