Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day and First Camping Trip

Vicky and our children
Been a while since our last post but haven't had to much to post about except work and cold weather. The first couple of weeks after returning from Texas the weather was great - 70's and 80's (warm for Mn this time of year)but the temps are barely making 50 the last couple weeks - along with rain and drizzle - it's getting old!

We did take care of the hitch itch a bit as we camped Friday and Saturday night at Sibley State Park. Well I guess we weren't hitched up very long because the park is only 2 miles down the road!! But we got to spend a couple nights in the 5-er and spent the weekend with our family. Our son Darin and his family wanted to camp somewhere so we decided on someplace close - that way the girls could join us for Saturday. We had big camp fire all day, potluck the food, had a few refreshments and really had a good time with everyone.

OK - A few had too many refreshments!!

Everybody had refreshments!

And one just wanted to give grandma some flowers for Mother's Day!

The weekend started off very wet but Saturday was OK, but cooled off later in the afternoon so Kristin headed back to St Cloud and Kari, Rya and Bryan headed their 1 mile down the road too to their warm home. Kelly and Blake stayed with us and Darin, Bethany and the boys had their camper.

Mom says THANKS everyone for a great time!!

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