Thursday, April 28, 2011

We will be homeless in MN - well kinda!! RV here we come!

Well it's for real - house is sold with closing 5/27! So we've been busy - finding a place to park for the summer (or until retirement is official), finish sorting thru all the remaining stuff - deciding what's being sold, what else goes to TX and what we put in storage until a final decision about it is made.

This all pretty much happened while we were in LasVegas from the 15th to the 22nd - Bob had work meetings there. Many phone calls, emails and a few faxes later and the deal was done! Had a some fun while working there even won a few dollars to cover what we spent. Kelly and Blake got there the Wednesday before so we had a couple days to party with them before the flew home on the 17th. Will post some pictures later.

We had the whole family home for Easter - celebrated Saturday afternoon and evening so some of the bunch could go to the in-laws on Sunday. Kids helped in digging thru the "stuff" and even got blessed with some of it. Got the boat ready to sell - delivering that to St Cloud tonight. Need to get the skid loader sold and that will take care of the big stuff. Got a couple of garage sales set up for the next couple weekends and also have talked to an auctioneer about putting what's left over on a community auction later on.

This has happened pretty fast and we had a couple of nights of limited sleep as we processed everything but we are starting to feel pretty comfortable about the whole thing. Once the retirement decision is firmed up we will be ready to hit the road.

We will be staying at an RV park just a couple miles from the house for the summer. Not the greatest place but price was right and very convenient - winery just accross the road!!

Till next time.

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  1. Hey congratulations on the sale of your house now you can begin the second part of your plan. We will be in the same place next winter so hope to see you in Texas.


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