Friday, July 22, 2011

Thought the heat was gone!!

Boy has it been a hot couple weeks in MN!!!  Broke all records in the heat index category – think western MN had a heat index of nearly 125 about a week ago.  We did get a break for a couple days middle part of this week but today the heat index is on the rise again.  Watch out all you people east of here – we are sending you another round!!

Pretty uneventful week – just work!  Last weekend we celebrated Bob’s sister and her husband 40th wedding anniversary.  Was a great party.  The entire wedding party and the original band that played for their wedding dance – all were there.   Got to see a lot of cousins and people we hadn’t seen in years.

We boondocked in the parking lot of the reception center – sure glad we had the generator – it ran for 13 straight hours keeping the 5er cool.

Bob is going to a farm show in Hutchinson with Darin and the boys tomorrow – Vicky will be hanging out with the girls from the park at New London’s Water Days parade followed by bingo and a street dance.  Will be fun to see the grandsons again – it’s close to a month since we’ve seen them.

Sunday we have a birthday party for our grand daughter Rya – she will be two.   That will be lunch and lounging around with our feed in the pool if it’s warm.  Just a couple miles down the road so it’s close.

Not much else going on.  Got set up with Google+ with some fellow RVer’s – been interesting.  Never did the facebook thing so a whole new concept for me.

Till Later.


  1. Have a great weekend, sounds like you have a lot planned. See you on G+!

  2. Been a while since I've dropped by. Just checking in. You did manage to send some of that heat east to NJ and PA where we've been the last month and a half! Do I need to say thanks?????


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