Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back at the grind–30 working days till retirement!

Been back in MN for a week now – finishing my last 30 days at the bank.  Flight back to MN was pretty uneventfull – just made for a long day.

Upon our return Vicky had to get things finalized for the resorters fall conference in Grand Rapids (MN) – registrations, meal counts, copies of handouts, etc.  Have some friends that live there so spent Friday evening with them then at the resort with conference the rest of the weekend.  Bob came home Sunday evening and Vicky rode home with a local resorter on Tuesday.  She’s back  at the bank finishing up her last days too.

Plan on checking in with the kids and grandkids in St Cloud this weekend along with visiting Bob’s mom at the nursing home.

So not much else going on this week.

Take Care


  1. Take heed- those last few days will really fly by.

  2. We just bought a 2008 36RLTS Cedar Creek and a 2008 Dodge 3500. What year is yours and how do you like it?

  3. Each day will feel like it will never end, but before you know it these 2 weeks will be over and you can rest easy.
    It's about time.


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