Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Getting Cold!!

Well it's not to bad today but earlier this week we were ready to get out of here!!! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the wind blew 30-40 MPH from the W - SW along with rain and some snow - it was miserable! But only one more week and we will be in Texas for a couple weeks.

Last weekend we took our new fifth wheel out on a shakedown. Tried it out Prarie Meadows Casino at Granite Falls - . Weather was perfect and once we figured out how to get the tv's and surround system to work all was well except we didn't make enough to pay for it! So much more room with the extra slide. Kelly and Blake stayed over Saturday nite and it was very comfortable with 4 people moving around. We think it will work perfect once we sell the house. Vicky got everything put away in the new spaces - wasn't sure if everythink would fit, just took some re-arranging. Got home Sunday and got everything moved into the outside storage areas and then attempted to get it winterized. That was another struggle - took a phone call to the dealer on Monday to find out that I had one valve turned the wrong way so antifreeze would not flow thru the hot water lines. So now we have it packed away till spring.

Had the grandkids Thursday nite and D & B's boys all day Friday. Their daycare was closed due to the flu. Was a busy day but fun!

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