Saturday, November 6, 2010


Friday was travel day for us - not in the 5er - but in the air - 5 hours from Mpls to Mission! Pretty uneventfull flight, had one stop in Memphis, clear most of the way so enjoyed the window seat and watched the scenery. Arrived in McAllen about 3:45, Bob and Joni were there shortly to pick us up. All was in great shape at the house - almost looked like someone had been here all summer. Hooked up the battery cable on the car and the Olds started right up! Had put new seals around the garage door last spring and they really helped to keep the dust out of the garage - car was still nice and clean.

Headed over to HEB for groceries, stopped by Lloyd and Gails but they were out somewhere. $99 later we headed home put food away then over to Danny's for our Mexican food fix. Made plans to have lunch with Bill and Mavis on Saturday and imagine we'll check in with Lloyd and Gail, Pete and Shirley, and Gil and Bev and stop to see how Bob and Joni are doing painting their house.

So all is well here. More Later

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