Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One week till closing!!

Well, we have one week till closing next Friday. What a whirlwind the last couple weeks. Had a big moving/yard/garage sale mothers day weekend - got rid of loads of stuff then brought what was left to Ashley and Kelly's garage sale in Willmar the next weekend and sold another pile. Didn't have much left to take to Goodwill. Finally got our trailer back on Monday - whew!! thought we were going to be sleeping on the street! Guess the dealer had a few words with Lippert, the maker of the slide framing, and finally got the parts needed. So now getting that repacked and ready to go. We did rent a small storage unit - about the size of a single car garage - guess we'll have that about half full when we get everything over there. We kept a couch, recliner, queen bed, two dressers, some end tables along with some misc dishes, pans, etc., of course pictures and those things you just don't know what to do with - thinking we'll probably end up with a small patio home in a year or so here in central MN somewhere. Hope to be basically out of the house by Sunday evening, probably starting sleeping in the RV then and heading out for the weekend Wednesday afternoon. Course we will drive back for closing Friday and then head right back to celebrate with the bunch for the rest of the weekend.

Will continue working for now but will see come later in the year. Since we are working only part time now we do get lotsa time to do our thing. But we are flexible so things can change pretty quick we decide it's time. Since Kelly and Blake are expecting the first baby in mid November we do what to be here for the event but will head out shortly after Christmas - back to Mission, TX and celebrate our first New Years Eve there.

Family all seems to be doing fine now with our decision to sell the house and take up life in the RV. Boy did we get some looks and comments from people we work with and other friends. It was kind of a free-ing feeling getting rid of all that stuff. Most of had spent most of it's life in boxes or closets or just sitting on a shelf somewhere rusting or collecting dust. Gone - someone else's treasures now!

So on with the next chapter in our life - waiting to see what that brings!

Bob & Vicky

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  1. Sounds like everything is moving right along. Good for you. I am happy for you.


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