Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our New Life in the RV

Here we are waking up our fourth morning homeless in the RV!    Well I guess not quite homeless - we have closing tomorrow so we still have MN real estate for another 24 hours, we got our house in TX and our little house on wheels!  It feels good though but what a whirlwind that last couple weeks.  Since Sunday evening we’ve been in the RV parked in our yard getting the last items our of the house.   Had the walk thru with the buyers and realtors on Tuesday and that went well.  Locked the door and pull out of the yard last night at 4:00 pm for the last time.  Didn’t seem top bother either of us  - Vicky said it just feels like we are going camping.  Guess we are - for the rest of summer and fall until we head south again.


We met Gary and Marjorie in Elrosa to head up to Clarissa for the weekend.  Joining up with Myron and Jean, Winnie and Ainy and the rest of the bunch for our first getta way together since last fall.  Most will be here except for Lloyd and Gail who decided to stay in TX for the summer but I think they are already lonesome as Lloyd called and talked to both Myron and I last night to see if we made to Clarissa!  Have a hunch we will see them later this summer - when TX really turns on the heat and humidity.

So our journey begins -  will be interesting to look back a year from now and see how we followed our dreams.  We have some rough plans for summer activities and how long work will be part of our lives - for now it’s day to day.  Have a hunch we will enjoy it.

On Sunday Darin and Caleb and Kelly and Blake helped us get the last of the stuff out of the house and here’s Caleb with his great grandfathers navy hat on, sitting on the box my laptop came in,  looking around  - I’m sure wondering what was going on.


  1. This is an exciting time for you. Hope you love it as much as we do.

  2. Congratulations on the sale of the house and getting into the RV. We have had no regrets selling our house and love being able to roam around to our hearts content.

    Kevin and Ruth


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