Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time to Catch up!!!!

DSC01317Not sure where the last month has gone but we’ve been busy as usual – work, happy hours with the new neighbors, going out to eat with the old neighbors and camper repairs again.

Before the house sold we had made reservations at Sibley State Park to go camping with Bob’s sister Barb and Reid and some other friends from Benson the weekend of the 16th and 17th.  We couldn’t get a site for Saturday night so we took Thursday and Friday. 

On the way to our site in the park we snagged a low hanging cedar tree and did a job on our antenna – put in back to together somewhat so it would work but knew it would need more extensive repairs.  Then while working around the camper Friday I happened to look at the underside and noticed our fresh water tank had come loose on one end and was resting on the axle!!  What else could happen – first time we’ve had any issues with our campers and now it’s one thing after another.  Called the dealer and since we were living in the 5er and heading to ND on Wednesday we were somewhat frantic about getting it fixed.  They said get it there by Monday and they would have it fixed by Monday afternoon.  Thanks Dave at Rebel Camper – you always come thru!!

Friday night we got about 3 inches of rain and we knew we would not get back into our rented site without making some big ruts and then pull out Sunday again in the mud to get to Clara City  so we called Dave to see if he had an open rv site on the lot.  He did so we headed to Clara City Saturday afternoon.  Got set up and then went to Kegger’s Bar for a refreshment and sandwich.

Sunday we headed into St Cloud for Father’s Day BarBQ at Darin and Bethany’s.  Everyone was there except for Kari, Bryan and Rya – Kari had back surgery the week before and so traveling wasn’t on the agenda yet.  Kari and Rya had come out to Sibley on Friday so we got to see them then.DSC01286

Back to Clara City to sleep Sunday night, work on Monday and then we met Bill and Mavis (friends from TX who were in MN for grand daughters graduation) for supper in Litchfield.  They were doing very well and we got caught up on news since we had last seen them in TX in March.

Back to Clara City to sleep again – had got a call from Dave and the camper was finished so we took it to work with us on Tuesday.  Well another hard rain on Tuesday so didn’t want to tear up the lot again so we boondocked in our church parking lot.  We were heading to ND early Wednesday morning anyway so that made for an easy departure.

Headed out about 6:45 Wednesday morning, met Gary and Marjorie in Elrosa and off to Stump Lake we were.  Arrived there about 1:30, drove in hard rain and wind the whole way so was ready to relax.  Myron and Jean got up there Tuesday so they were all set and and waiting for us.  We made supper together, played a game of Social Security and were all ready for bed early.

Thursday we just relaxed, watch the other campers arrive and get set up.  Talked about the high water in Stump and Devils Lake – water is up over 40’ in the last 10 – 15 years and if it rises another 3-4’ most of Stump Lake Campground, ballroom and store will be under water.  Sure hope they find a solution to the water issue before that happens.  Had a great time catching up with TX friends and dancing – headed home Sunday – or should say back to the lot – arrived about 2:00, no rain so we got backed in and set up.  Was another early night to bed.  Monday night we got caught up on laundry, Tuesday we went our for pizza with the Nest Lake (old neighbors) group, got back to the camper and joined the new neighbors for a short happy hour.  It was close to 8 and they hadn’t had supper yet – so they headed home.

Tonight we are watching Rya so Kari and Bryan could take in a movie.  Kari’s is feeling much better after surgery and was ready to get out of the house.DSC01318-1

Heading to Bird Island tomorrow after work to meet up with Myron and Jean and Lloyd and Gail for the weekend.  Lloyd and Gail just arrived here in MN from TX so will be fun seeing them.   Will be doing a lot of dancing I imagine too.

Monday being the 4th, our Lions club always puts on a pancake and sausage feed just before the parade in Spicer so will be frying pancakes for a couple hours.  Not much else planned for the rest of the day – probably will need some rest.

Will be heading to Ellsworth, WI on Wednesday evening for the weekend and then that’s about it for our plans for a few weeks.  Bob’s sister Linda and Terry are celebrating their 40th on the 16th in Benson so will pull the trailer down there for the night.   Might head up to Elbow Lake on the 17th for a TX get together.

So we keep busy but it’s been fun – no lawn to mow, gardens to weed, etc., just rest up get ready for the next rendezvous!!

Till next time – take care.

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  1. Meeting up with friends, both old and new, is SOOOOOO much better than weeding and mowing!

    Phyllis from

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