Monday, June 6, 2011

Life in the RV - Moving on with Life

Somewhat over a week since we've closed on the house and two weeks living in the 5er and all is well. No big fights, haven't had to use the bathroom at the same time - just feeling good about our decision. Finally relaxing after a month of packing and moving stuff around every extra minute we've had.
Our first weekend was spent with friends in Clarissa - boon docked in the ballroom parking lot from Wednesday to Monday - visiting, dancing and just having a lot of fun. Got back to New London about 10:30 Memorial Day and got the rig parked for the first time in the spot we'll be for most of the summer. Off to the grocery store and laundromat and then had 11 people over for mid afternoon meal of grilled pork loin and the fixins. Vicky's brother was home from Chicago so we had them and Vicky's sister and her family her for the afternoon.
Bob spent Wednesday with Caleb in Sauk Rapids as he was sick and couldn't go to daycare. We spent the rest of the week working at the bank.
Went to Benson Saturday afternoon to check on Bob's mom - she's about the same - was sleeping when we got there, we woke her after a bit - not sure if she knew us or not - and then back to sleep.
Stopped by Bob's sister Linda and Terry for a short visit before we headed back to the trailer.
Saturday was back to Sauk Rapids to watch the boys while D & B went to a wedding. Stayed overnight and took them to church - interesting - very normal 3 & 2 yr old boys full of energy. In the afternoon we went out to Bob and Joni's for cards, refreshments, a meal and lotsa laughs. Our 30 year friendship has been great - so many experiences to look back on and have a good laugh.
So this week is back to work, Bob has a meeting in St Paul on Thursday. We will be cooking hamburgers at the local grocery store for a church fundraiser on Friday and Saturday.
Kari is back surgery Friday so we will be watching Rya Friday and overnight then will take her to the other grandparents Saturday morning. No plans for Sunday but I'm sure something will come up.
So next time - take care.


  1. You sure are busy, busy, busy. Stay cool..

  2. No big fights and no bathroom issues! Sounds like everything will work out fine. We have found we can do just fine with only one bathroom, but I have to was one of our concerns too!

  3. Doesn't sound like you guys ever stop being busy. Just reading about your goings on tires me out. Glad you are loving the fulltiming thing, we sure do!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Hi Bob and Vicky,

    Welcome to the Fulltime lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by our site and leaving a comment. We like to meet new people and was pleased to get to know you a little better through you blog.

    Safe Travels, Have Fun, and God Bless,

    Darrell and Judy

  5. WELL, I tried to send you an E-Mail and got it back. Guess you have a new address. Just to let you know Doc had his surgery yesterday and all went well. You can follow him on Caring Bridge. Let me know your new E address and I will resend my note to you guys. Miss seeing you.
    Barb & Roger


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