Monday, September 5, 2011

Whow!!! where has time gone!!

The summer has nearly passed us by.  Working our four days a week and doing the normal activities for the month of August pretty much took care of it.

We did make the big decision to formally retire from our 4-day a week jobs – that will be 12/27.  Our original plan was to do it sometime over the summer once the house sold in May but just never got around to name the date.   Living in the 5er for the summer has worked our pretty well too.  Just knew that before we headed back to TX for the winter we knew we didn’t want to be working from there again.  It worked our well for 8 years but just decided it was time to call it quits.We both will keep our little side jobs – still fun to be involved in those organizations and the $$’s are nice too.

For the past week we’ve been on the run – spent a week in St. Cloud visiting kids and grandkids, catching up with some old neighbors and friends and took in a couple of golf events.  Finished up the holiday weekend with 10 other couples camping near New Ulm, MN – toured  the Schell’s Brewery, enjoyed a refreshment at the famous B & L Bar, visited a winery and enjoyed the chicken at Carl’s Corner in Essig, MN on Sunday night.

Back to work this week for a couple days, heading up to Ottertail Lake area next weekend, followed by Pioneer Days in Albany the following weekend.   Will be in Denver for a week at the end of the month.  Driving down to TX on 10/13, flying back on the 25th will finish up work, wait for the birth of our fourth grandchild around the middle of November, enjoy a few holiday parties and the holidays with family and then fly back to TX on 12/28 – just in time for our first New Years eve in TX.

Guess that’s more of what we are going to be doing rather than what we’ve been up to but the heat the last couple weeks of July and 1st part of August kept us pretty close to home. 

Till later!!

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