Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mexico Visit

Got a couple comments on our visit to Mexico yesterday.   We always go to the small town of Progresso – don’t do the Reynosa thing anymore!   It’s very calm, people are generally very nice – a little hungry this time of the year so they sure do want you to buy their wares!  The military has been visible for the last couple of years but no sign of them yesterday.  Had a good visit with one of the bartenders in one of the stores – he said there’s been a lot of political changes, changes in the police department, etc., so things remain very quiet in their town.  We did the regular things, bought a couple meds, couple gifts, some vodka (better than half the price than in Mission but now state tax at the border is up to $3.25 for a quart), had a very good lunch at the Red Snapper, bought a couple movies which I will take back – poor quality and one will not play – never had the problem before.   So all in all felt very safe in Progresso we will return for sure.

Was a warm day with temps in the 90’s so a couple cervasas tasted pretty good!!  S’pose to be in the mid 90’s again today.  We are meeting some friends in Harlingen for the lunch at the Longhorn so best get going here.


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  1. Glad you "braved" the crossing into Mexico. It really annoys us that the media makes things out to be so bad. If it was so bad then the people living in the towns would leave. We have travelled in Mexico now for 3 years and already into of 4th and we feel safer here than in some US cities. We wish that the media would show both sides of the coin. Glad you had a good afternoon and were able to get some bargins.

    Kevin and Ruth


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