Monday, December 26, 2011

Just About There!! Done Working That Is!!



But first we celebrated Christmas with our kids and grandkids.  The crew was here Christmas Eve day – had a great time eating and refreshments and watching the four munchkins above as they opened their gifts and just generally be kids – laughing, running, jumping, screaming – well that was the speed of the oldest three, little Owen pretty much just did what he does best – sleep! 

Tomorrow will be our last day at the bank.  Will be Vicky’s last working day and I will work thru the month of January remotely from TX.  We will be flying back to TX on Wednesday.

So the last few days have been kinda strange – packing up here at the home of friends where we have been staying since we returned to MN in late October and thinking our about when we return next spring and not going to work.  We’ll do just fine I’m sure but it will be a big change. Being able to see the grand kids more and help watch them when we can and do some more traveling in the 5er.

We did have a busy week before Christmas – some type of party every night Monday thru Thursday and then had another steriod injection Friday morning for the pinch nerve issue, which by the way is much better finally. 

So got decorations all back in storage, house cleaned up, bags packed for the flight Wednesday and one more day of work and we are out of here!!!  Texas here we come – warm it up please –

the weather here in MN has been unseasonable warm – no snow for Christmas although the lakes are frozen and the ice fisherman are out – vehicles going out on the ice today and the temps are in the 40’s – !!!!!

Take Care – next update will be from Sunny TX.


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