Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where Do I Start!

In the four weeks since our last post I should have a lot to blog about – but not really!   Just been a long four weeks of dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck – leading from one thing to another.

About the week of thanksgiving I started to notice a pain or knot between my shoulders, didn’t do much about for a week and then went to the chiropractor.  Helped some but after a couple days it really started hurting.  Went back and got a message – she really worked out the knot and it felt good for a couple days.  Then the pain started in my shoulder and arm pit area.  So back to the chiropractor again.  This time he said he wouldn’t touch me and sent me to my medical doctor.  Before I could get in there the pain went down my arm and into my hand so I called physical therapy at the medical clinic and they diagnosed typical pinched nerve between 5 & 6.  Got into Med Dr and he prescribed muscle relaxer and nerve pain meds. and lined up an MRI in getting ready for steriod epideral.  Two treatments of traction later the pain got worse and ended up in urgent care last Sunday.  Got put on a drug that really made me sick. By Friday was finally able to get the epideral, pain has really subsided but an encouraged to get another in two weeks before we head back to TX. 

So after being our of work for a week I will try it tomorow – only 9 working days to go!!!

Looking for to spending Christmas Eve day with all the family here – the three older grand kids are full of energy and little Owen just sleeps and eats.HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS!

Till Next Time


  1. Sure do hope you have gotten to the cause of this problem and the relief continues.

  2. Good to see your blog popup on my sidebar again.

    Sure hope the treatments do the trick and the pain as well as what's causing it go away.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. Nice to hear only 9 days left. Wish you a great start to 2012.


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