Friday, February 19, 2010

2/18/10 Dancing at Riverside

Thursday was another cool, rainy day here in the valley. It seems it's the winter of rain and 50 degree weather. The weekend looks promising with three days of 80 degree weather being forecasted. Vicky made two pans of carmel rolls for the park "Flea Market and Craft Sale" and had them up to the hall shortly after 8:00am. I walked up later and looked around but didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Vicky purchased a couple 4-in-1 placemats - four placemats sewn together - basically one for each season. In the afternoon Barefoot Becky was playing at the new pavilion out at Riverside - actually this was the first event in the new building. The pavilion was built just to the west of the current structure, 6 large doors that can be opened in nice weather (that wasn't today!) finished on the inside with knotty pine, high ceilings and the biggest ceiling fan I've ever seen - check out the pic. It was a sell out -we figured there were about 300 people dancing the afternoon away. Was a good time. Looking forward to warm weather over the weekend.
Music by Barefoot Becky

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