Friday, February 26, 2010

Friends are Back from AZ

Another great day in the 80's or should I say finally a day in the 80's!!

Spent most of the day with friends who just returned from AZ - Lloyd and Gail and Myron and Jean. Was fun to catch up on their AZ adventure and enjoyed a few refreshments with them.

Got home a thought mmmm this is a good day for the Ice House - a small pub in Mission that has live music in the outdoor patio on Thursdays and Fridays. We stopped and and sure enuf there was good music, nice crowd and cold beer. The band is from our park so also met up with some of the neigbors and also met a couple from MO - had a nice visit with them, exchanged cards with plans to meet up again. They have just purchased a home in Green Gate but can't take possession until 4/1.

Anyway finally a normal TX winter day!!

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