Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weather is warming up!

Forecast is for normal temps for the next 5 days - yaaaaaaa! for the sunshine.
Maybe we will get some hot weather before we head back to MN in 3 weeks.

Been a fun week with Larry and Rosie -they arrived last Saturday - checked out Mexico again (lines were as the weather was nice), played lotsa cards and games,helped Rosie with computer issues, Larry took a nap, danced Wednesday night at Fiesta and changed out the cold MN oil from his van and replaced it with a warmer "spanish version".

Saw a great show at Bentsen Palm RV park on Sunday - Bruce and Elaine Nelson from Erhard, MN put on show every Sunday and invite another guest performer. Last Sunday the guests were Sherwin and Pam Linton - what good show - great music and lotsa laughs!

They head over to Donna to visit other friends but we will all be getting together Sunday at a new venue in the LaJoya area - for a hayride, refreshments and a meal.

Today Vicky and I got caught up on work items - spent most of the morning on the phone in planning meetings.

Not so good news from home as our son was laid off - contruction is very slow in MN and even the electricians are being hit hard. His first day of knowing did turn into some pretty good leads so he has some calls to make.

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  1. Hi Bob, nice blog! Randy forwarded an email to me, from you, about some gadget problems you were having. I have some experience with this kind of stuff so that's why Randy asked me to have a look at your blog. I see you have the Follower's gadget working o.k. now. If you have any questions, just send me an email and I'd be glad to help with anything I can.


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