Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monday night parties at the Palms II come to an end!

The Congo Line Begins!
The birthday people sporting their birthday attire!! Hey Gary - how much money did you make?

The crew having the Monday nite fun - congo line and all!
Our Monday night routine while in the valley has been gathering at the 'Palms II', a little bar in Mission. It's a group of mostly MN people and few couples from Ohio, and of course a few of the locals who sit back and shake their heads saying 'these old people from the north really get goofy from the sun'!! A group from MN plays, so of course the music is mostly old time and country, the dance floor is about 12 x 12 with a post in the middle and the menu on Mondays is Hamburger or Cheeseburger basket, chicken wings or pizza! We celebrate birthdays, give each other a bad time and just have a lot of fun.

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