Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mexico, Block Party

Today was our last visit to Mexico for the season. Barb and Roger had never been there and they decided they wanted us to show them the ropes. They had heard many stories and watching the new yo'd think it would be the last place a person should visit. They were pleasently surprised as to how clean it was, how friendly the people are and how good the food was - beer and margaritas were nice and cool too!!! They made their purchases (so did we - see the neat flamingo) and we had a great lunch at the Red Snapper - we met up with Dennis and Sharon at the bakery earlier and made arrangements to meet for lunch later. And of course they checked out the Red Panty Bar to have thier pic with the Victoria Secret goods!! Was a good time! On the way home we stopped at the Don-Wes market and picked up some TX 1015 sweet onions to bring home.

At 5:00 we headed over to El Valle del Sol and joined our old friends and neighbors from when we lived there for a potluck supper. Was fun seeing everyone - finished up there with good byes as many are heading home within the next week.

We wrapped up the evening at our last dance at Fiesta Village at 7:00 - the usually Wednesday nite crew was there - was fun but we headed home by 9:30 - just ran out of energy from the heat and activities of the day. Did I mention it broke 100 here today!!

Will officially start the pack process and picking grapefruit today - will fill the bags for home and then find a home for the rest.

Another good day.

Bob & Vicky

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