Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Rainy Friday

Cool and rainy again to do so not doing too much. A good band plays here in the park tonight so about a dozen of us are getting together for that.

Starting to "un-nest" as our departure day will be the 17th. Should be back in MN Friday afternoon and then have a couple days to rest up before being back in the office on the 22nd. Then just a week of work then off to Florida on Saurday for some meetings, will return on Thursday. I'm sure we will get to see our grand daughter Rya Friday when we get home or Saturday then will see the boys in St. Cloud on Sunday for Grant's 1st birthday. We sure are missing them.

Will be picking the grapefruit shortly, deciding how much we want to bring back and then divy out the rest - usually don't have a problem getting rid of it all. We have a huge ruby red tree althought the crop yield last year better, there will still be plenty. Then we need to pick up some Texas 1015 sweet onions to bring back - these are so much better than the ones we get in MN.

Need to get the yard sprayed, trees ferilized, spray for termites and would like to get the ceiling painted in the garage (got the walls done) and then pressure wash the sidewalks and driveway before we head out.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at the Ice House - just a little outdoor bar in Mission that has a band on Thursdays and Fridays westher pemitting, always meet some nice people there. This week was two couples from Winnipeg - they just happen to be in the park next door - we had some good conversations about the U S economy and how it's affecting the canadians also. Hope to run into them again soon.

Lyle and Karen Turbes from Willmar were here Wednesday, had breakfast with them and then they were at the house for mid afternnon lunch along with Myron and Elaine Frank and Collette Illies - was just a quick trip for them and they headed home today and was made shorter yet by two tire blow outs on the way down. I guess it only delayed them by a day but it's quite a story!

Until next time - have a good day.

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