Monday, January 17, 2011

A busy Day - Warmer weather - Visiting Friends and Meeting New Friends

Our first full day in the valley was a busy one! Headed over to church at 8:30, stop by the Mayberry bakery to pick up a couple rolls for breakfast - they also have a small resturant and some of the bunch from Saturday nite was there for breakfast but we decided to head home to get some things done. Talked to Mavis and Bill was still in the hospital in Edinburg so we headed up there to see him shortly after lunch. On the way we stopped by Bob and Joni's to say hi - had a couple of goods laughs and then got on our way. They were going to a comedian show in the evening so they picked us up at 5:45 - more on that later.
Bill was doing great - he had falled a couple weeks ago and broke his hip. Is schedule to get home on Wednesday if he does his exercises. We told him we had his favorite meal waiting to be fixed for him - prime rib and mashed potatoes - but he had to do his exercises to get released on Wednesday.
On the way home we stopped on HEB for some groceries then fixed a late afternoon lunch. Weather had finally warmed up and was somewhat over 70 for most of the afternoon.
Now more on the comedian show - the comedian was Auntie Kreamsaugen - ney Darlene Rolle, who is a scandinavian granny that is a marriage counseler. Good show by the way - be ready to laugh. Anyway, she and her husband Richard live in El Valle Del Sol in the winter - the first park we were in here in Mission, and in Detroit Lakes, MN in the summer - Marci do you know them? The show was at Bentsen Grove Resort, Mmmm that sounded familiar. Yup sure nuf that's the park bloggers Larry and Cindy of Cross's Chronicles landed for their first winter in TX. We got there early hoping they would show up. Thought maybe they would since they have commented about going to some previous shows. Wasn't long and in the door they came - recognized them by their photo on their blog. Walked up to them and asked "aren't you Larry and Cindy?" - got the puzzled look for a bit and then I think they recognized us too. Pretty neat!! Exchanged cards and had a quick visit. Sure hope we can get together shortly - hey guys stop by or give us a call.
So - another good day has started. Vicky is reorganized the kitchen - again! Plan to head over to the Palms (small little joint in Mission) by 5:00 for our Monday shananigans. Probably will need to do a little work too.

Till later.

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