Monday, January 24, 2011

Enjoying the warmth and activities!

Guess it's time to update here - after our 1st week here in Mission.
Getting into our daily routine up between 6 and 7, we catch up on blogs and facebook then since we both work yet, from Monday thru Thursday the better part of the day is taking care of those duties - but our evenings usually involve some fun.
Monday evenings are spent at the Palms II in Mission - a lot of MN and Ohio people gather for burgers and music and a few refreshments. Usually our time to catch up from the weekend and see who's got what planned for the week. Lloyd and Gail and George and Shirley stop by the house after the Palms for a drink, snacks and visiting.
Tuesday nite is our usual stay home night. Wednesday we danced at Fiesta Village, met Barb and Roger there - had a good time.
Thursday morning was our park craft sale and breakfast so Vicky made a couple pans of cinnammon rolls to take up to the hall, we walked around and visited a bit but didn't find anything we couldn't live without.
On Thursday Ervie G stopped by, think he gets lonesome as Rosie's alzhiemers has her now in the Foley nursing home. Had picked up a new garbage disposal earlier in the week and started on that project later in the afternoon. Phone rang and it was Jerry and Dorothy inviting us over for happy hour - so put the project on hold and walked over there. Finished that project later in the evening along with putting in a new faucet in the kitchen sink. Happy hour makes those projects go better!!!
Friday we did some running and stopped by Myron and Jean's to see how their casino trip went. Had couple beers then headed to the Mission Legion for the fish fry, then back to their place to play social security.
Saturday we did a bunch or running around, cleaned the garage a bit and vacumed the van. In the evening we picked up George and Shirley and went to El Valle Del Sol for their dance. Jerry and Dorothy, Bob and Joni, and Don and Eilene joined us later - music was excellent and had a good time. Music was s'pose to be Evie, Arnie and Wee Willie but was Ervie Arnie and Ron and Judy. (Too bad you missed it Roger & Barb!!)
Sunday - picked up George and Shirley for church (they were in an accident 12/20 and still don't have their car back from the shop), took them to the grocery store, picked up lunch at St Pauls BBQ, did some running around looking for a couple of new recliners - didn't find quite what we were looking for yet. Stopped out at Crazy Joe's, Jealous heart was playing, ran into Dennis and Janine. Drove thru Larry and Cindy's park but couldn't fine their camper. Had MN potluck at 5 - lotsa good food and had a good time.
So another busy week in warm TX!


  1. Is Social Security the same as Jokers and Pegs? We play that here at the camp.

  2. Boy you sure have been busy! Sounds like you are having a great time though.

    Kevin and Ruth


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