Friday, January 7, 2011

Time is getting short!

Well, just a week before we head for TX! Boy are we ready! Will go see Bob's mom at the nursing home today, babysit the grandsons tomorrow night, a few more days of work, a day long meeting in St Paul and we're outa here!
A very quiet New Years Eve for us - went uptown for a drink in the afternoon, home for diner by 5:30 to babysat our granddaughter. Continues to be cold with snow showers about every other day so just feels good to stay inside. Finished up all the paperwork to get the house listed - realtors have been thru and just waiting for some showings. There have been some sales in the area but no high expectations that this will happen quickly.
Got started packing up the van - in between trips to the garage! Put new tires on about 2 weeks ago and immediately noticed a very definite pull to the left when it should be a slight pull to the right. So dropped it off last Monday - they said it had to be the allignment. Mmmmm last tires went 70,000 with no unusual wear from being out of allignment. To make a long 3 day story short - the allignment was fine and 3 sets of tires later all is well. It seems Chrysler vans and a certain B F Goodrich tire don't like each other so we are driving on Bridgestones! Pretty frustrating week for the us and the dealership.
That's about it for now - TX here we come!


  1. What part of Texas will you be in? We are West of San Antonio.

  2. Thanks for leaving a msg on Tumbleweed. We're going from Saulte Ste Maria to Albert Lea, MN, we'll need parks along the way.

  3. Happy to hear that you finally got the tire thing worked out. Have a good drive south, I'm sure you will find better weather there.

    Kevin and Ruth


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