Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Been A While Again

Just like the rest of the country, our weather in south TX has been unusually cold. We had 3 nights last week with temps in the mid to upper 20's, one night of freezing rain and one day the temp never got above freezing. The plants were covered and but fruit trees faired well the freezing rain seemed to have protected them. We did pick five pails of grapefruit just in

case so guess we'll have to freeze them or make a few more batches of grapefruit orange and vodka slush - I'm sure we'll have some warm days when it will taste pretty good! We just hunkered down - made some chile and finished up a couple jobs around the house.

Finally got the microwave installed above the stove - had this on hand for over a year. My initial measurements told me I had to remodel the cabinet above because the microwave was going to be too close to the stove top. Well, this years measurements didn't tell me that! Must be that the new stove is lower than the old - after all it has a smooth top.

Also put up some new lights above the table and in the hall - actually brought these from MN - had taken them out of the house there when we did some remodeling this fall. They fit in quite well down here.

Made a leasurely trip to MX on Saturday - went for a drive to check on some friends in Donna, they weren't home so since we were close to the border we headed down for a little shopping and lunch. Was pretty quiet except for the bunch from MN in Arriba's - they were well on there way to a fun birthday party by 12:30. Picked up a couple meds and a couple movies for $4, couple bottles of refreshments and headed home.

Been doing our regular dancing on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Sundays have been nice and sunny so we have been going out to Crazy Joe's by the river to listen and dance to Jealous Heart. The beer is usually nice and cold too!

The kids back home have been keeping the skid loader running and warmed up moving snow. They also removed the snow from the roof of the house - guess there was quite a pile up there - so sounds like they are having fun too!

Have a baked potatoes supper at 4:00, 50th wedding anniversary party at 5:00 at the Palms II and a the Harlingen bunch coming over for Prime Rib tomorrow afternoon so the fun continues.

Life is Good!

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  1. Where did you cross the border? I would love to go over and get some meds., but everyone tells me it is too dangerous. Thanks


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