Friday, October 21, 2011

Been a nice break!

We’ve been in TX since last Friday – really has been relaxing!  Pulled in about 9pm but the house cooled off pretty quick and we were sound to sleep by 11.  Everything was fine and rather dust free in the house but sure is dry.   Having been running water on the fruit trees nearly every day.

Just been taking a easy – going out to eat, cards with Lloyd and Gail, pool, etc.   Going to Mexico today for lunch and to pick up a few “necessities”!  Went to bingo at the Elks with Lloyd and Gail last night – Gail won $18 and I won $38 – so was a good night.  Friends Gil and Bev from MN will get into Harlingen today so will go over and have lunch with them sometime over the weekend.

Will be heading back MN next Tuesday for a couple months – need to finish up the working career – will be back here 12/28 for our first New Years Eve in TX and will be here till around the 1st of April.

Take Care


  1. You must cross the border at Reynosa...We are afraid to cross any more.

  2. We will be in TX starting in March for about a month. But we will be up near Austin. No interest in crossing over to Mexico anymore for us either.


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