Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mile High City!!

We have been in Denver, CO since Wednesday.  Bob is attending a conference of the American Fraternal Alliance, an affiliation to the Fraternal Life Insurance company of which he is on the board.   This is our first time in Denver, so far it’s been a lot of meetings and workshops and dining out.  Later today we are doing a 4 hour bus tour of the foothills and mountain area to the west of Denver – that will be fun and interesting.

Since our last post – we left Albany early that Sunday morning as it was raining and it’s not a good place to be when it’s wet and muddy.   So got hookup and back to New London by 10:30.  Spent the rest of the day cleaning up the 5er,  Vicky had a lot of catch up to do in logging resort memberships for the coming year.  Not sure if we’ve mentioned, but she continues with her side job as Office Manager for the Congress of MN resorts  (  This is a group of mom and pop cabin resorts throughout MN.  They have approximately 200 members and associate members, they do a spring and fall conference and then the membership drive annually in August.  So she has duties throughout the year and especially busy this time of the year with both memberships and fall conference.  The good part is she is able to do it most anywhere we are as long as we have internet and our daughter Kari is able to pick up the mail.  Oh – and the pay comes in handy too!!

Spent the couple weeks working at the bank. Started arranging some belongings to move from the storage facility to the house we will be staying in during November and December until we head back to TX.  Also got stuff ready to load up for the drive to TX on the 13th for 10 days.

So we will be back at the bank Monday counting off our working days – think it will be down to about 35 or so when we head south on th13th.  Time is getting short and lot going on in the next couple of months – a 50th wedding anniversary for some friends on the 8th, baby shower for the new baby on 10/9, State park fund raiser on the 10th, Catholic United board meeting on the 13th, leave for TX that afternoon, back to MN on the 25th, new grand child due 11/12, bridal shower for a niece on 11/20, wedding for a good friends son on 11/26, another Catholic United board meeting 12/8 along with Christmas Party the night before.   So along with the holiday gatherings in there – I think we will be busy before we fly back to TX  12/28.

That’s it till next time.  Take care.


  1. You sure do have a busy life, but you sound very happy!! Hope you enjoy all your gatherings.

  2. Hope you are enjoying Denver. We haven't been there either, but it is somewhere we want to visit in the future. As Pidge said, you have a very busy social calander coming up. Enjoy it all and the last few days of work.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. My daughter went to University of Denver Class of 88. Lots to do and see in the area. Loved Red Rocks ampitheatre.


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